Capitol City Opera Company was formed in 1983 to provide Atlanta-area classically trained singers the opportunity to learn and perform complete opera roles and to continue to develop their post-graduate vocal and acting skills on a professional level.  Since its inception, the company has flourished as the only opera company in the Southeast that primarily helps local singers establish their careers. We present high quality, innovative, and exciting opera theatre.

Capitol City Opera Company, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has created many recurring programs that benefit all ages and demographics of the general public and has toured throughout the Southeast and also Italy.  Currently, the company performs fully-staged opera theatre shows each year, a monthly restaurant series (Dinner and a Diva), touring Madrigals, a summer pops concert (On the Light Side) and Opera Outreach performances solely for children (primarily grades Pre-K through 5th grade).  

Each year, Capitol City Opera Company employs an average of 60 singers and reaches approximately 20,000 people through its various programs.

The company strives to make opera available to all segments of the population including the disadvantaged and makes a concerted effort to help everyone understand and appreciate opera. 

Our Mission:

Capitol City Opera Company, Inc. strives to inspire, challenge, and educate audiences through productions and educational programs of high artistic quality for children and adults while providing performance opportunities for local artists. We endeavor to provide an inclusive environment for performers of all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs in metroAtlanta with opportunities to grow as artists and members of the opera community.